woensdag 29 november 2017

Data journalism is South America by Herlaynne Segura

And here is the translation of my part:

 Challenges of digital journalism? that it is not possible to practice journalism without knowledge of digital journalism. That is to say: you can write a story, but that does not make you a digital journalist. Digital techniques are integrated into journalism. However, there is still a kind of specialization, for example, data journalism. That said, there is still the printed world and the online world. If revised, the last subscriptions in recent years all newspapers down 5-10% of the print version. Then, the media are forced to connect online and therefore need more skilled journalists. However, the cash flow of digital editions is not enough, so media companies have economic losses. On the other hand, the printed copy will not disappear. Therefore, the media should attract new readers. By producing interactive multimedia stories that could be read on cell phones. and second, by long readings published online and in print, which focus on background analysis, multimedia features and data analysis with visualizations, with this the subscription could be expanded. In summary: we are inventing journalism. As for education, I would say: highlighting in the curricula all aspects of digital journalism: social networks, mobile reports, data and visualizations, multimedia narration, video, sound and photos. etc. But you also need more computer skills, to make interesting graphics you need to know about coding, or to crack data, good statistical skills and programming skills are also required.

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