maandag 11 juni 2018

vrijdag 8 juni 2018

IS DATA JOURNALISM UNDER ATTACK (Opening Media Lab speech, Peter Verweij)

Dar es Salaam June 7, 2018 Tanzania Media Fund(TMF)

Lianne Houben (in the middle)Deputy Head of Mission
at the Embassy of the Netherlands at Dar es Salaam
opening the new media lab  TMF
Photo Josh Laporte EJC

Of course you are all on Facebook, right? So you all gave Zuckerberg permission to Hoover up all your data to sell targeted advertising. In exchange you can post messages and pics to the world and to your friends. Zuckerberg: creating better communication we create we better world. This ideology is under attack one we understand the true business model behind Facebook. Not only making huge profits but through analyzing and combining the data of the users trying to influence our thinking and acting through advertising/information. Book a flight and within minutes your advised to book a car and a hotel at your destination. And it is not only Facebook but Amazon and Google as well. They all live from the use and misuse of your data. After Cambridge analytics Facebook got the full blow, the others are temporarily off the hook. The result is clear: The sole idea of data is under attack: because of privacy advertising manipulation and misuse. There is something fishy about data.