dinsdag 11 januari 2022

De nieuwe manier van werken

Hieronder een korte screencast over de Marantz Turret  met gebruik van OBS.

zaterdag 8 januari 2022

Professional studio device at your home office

 Covid has definitely transformed the way of working.  No rush to the office in morning, hanging out at the coffee machine, or watching the clock during a meeting. We all work from home. And here starts generally the problem. You need an office space at home, and a good computer to do your work and connect to your colleagues. Generally a laptop with build in camera and mic, or a bit more sophisticated  using a small webcam on top of the screen. For short meetings and chats the quality of mic and cam is acceptable. However, did you ever tried to do a lecture of a training?

In those situations you need more professional devices: high quality sound and video, but also a good angle for the camera, for example at three quart and not full face.

After some searching I choose the Marrantz Turret (https://www.marantzpro.com/products/view/turret). The Turret is a complete broadcasting system with a full HD webcam and USB condenser microphone with an integrated pop filter. It also includes a dimmable led light ring with different colors. Connecting the device with a Linux system and a windows 10 laptop was no problem. Power up the Turret connect the USB output to you system; choose the settings for the Turret camera and sound from the menu and you are in business.

In combination with video conferring software like Zoom or Teams,  the Marrantz Turret worked great. More interesting is streaming or recording with the Turret. For online training you would make some demo’s of the example’s that could we watched later. Or you can stream your lecture to the students audience. For this type of work OBS, Open Broadcasting System(https://obsproject.com/),  is a good choice. The good news is that the Marrantz Turret cooperates flawless with OBS, and using a virtual camera the Turret connects also to Teams of Zoom.