vrijdag 16 juni 2017


Working with the new version of Tableau Public 10.3 makes working with data a lot easier.  Here are some of the most important improvements:
  1. Pdf are always a pain in the rear and cracking the file can sometimes be hard, using one of the web services like Pdf to Excel, or using Tabula. Now Tableau is able to open pdf's and connect them immediately to a worksheet.
  2. If you don't want to work with Excel, there is always Google sheets. But getting the sheets into Tableau, exporting to an .xls format was needed. Now we can import Google sheets directly in Tableau.
  3. Excel has its limitations for statistical analysis. R has much more tools under the hood, but making visualization is limited, especially for online. Starting Tableau 10.3 .Rdata can directly imported into the worksheets of Tableau.
  4. Making maps with Tableau had important limitations because one had to rely on the maps provided bu Tableau. My solutions was to produce the map in QGIS and export the map to Google FT(Fusion Tables). And here it is: Tableau reads the shape files(.shp) and makes beautiful maps. Adding data to the map is now problem: choose of 4 different database joins between your map and your data.

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