zaterdag 9 januari 2016

Does your secure passwords look like this

I know, passwords, a pain...You have to make them, remember them and they are complicated. Like me, you make a few passwords, safe, but for a professional hacker easy to crack, and you use them several times on different sites. After some time you end up in a situation like this. Your security has dropped to less then 20%; your passwords are chaos.As if you leave your front door wide open with a sign that the key to the vault in vol 1 of Das Kapital in library.

Now it is time to set a new direction: install a password manager. There are lots of these managers available. Here is an overview. I choose Dashlane. Download and install and you are in business. Dashlane get all your logins from Firefox and stores them in a highly password protected database. Don't forget to change the security options of Firefox: uncheck 'remember logins' and delete the saved logins. From here you can now safely log in to all registered websites and services and of course update your insecure passwords. Dashlane is free to use on one device, if you want to sync with phone or tablet you have one month free to test after that it costs $39.99.

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