zaterdag 7 maart 2015

WD My Book Live

Is my media server hacked? the green LED on the front was constantly on or blinking, indicating that there is read/write activity. However the led continued blinking even when there was no connection of my machines. From outside perhaps? Hardly possible with a firewall.
Some research unveiled that there is a media crawler active on the media server, indexing and reformatting pictures. I wanted to turn the crawler of because the server got hot and was working continuously. Here is how to.

- connect to the interface/menu of my book live, and download the configuration file;
- open the file with a simple editor and change ssh to enabled
- import the new configuration file and restart
- make an ssh connection to the server and login with root and rem0te; we are in a secure linux shell
-now edit the miocrawlerd file
- insert on the second line using vi as editor(i for insert; esc for  and :wq for write and exit)
exit 1
-restart the server

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