dinsdag 4 juni 2019

Airdroid connect your phone to pc

I had a backup of all my apps. Huray! My phone crashed again.  It is an old Samsung S5, working fine but could not root it using the standard method flashing an root image using Odin/Jodin(for Linux). Let's try some new Magisk  seems an easy to use tool. No way...I had to flash a stock Rom for the S5.

The  update of the apps was made with Airdoid, and in no time I had restored my apps.
Airdroid is an app that must be installed on your phone. After installation create an account. And then you can login to your phon using a local address in your browser.
First you have access to all the files and apps of your phone and second back up apps or install new one. The most important option are in security and remote features : finding your phone, when lost or stolen, remote control or using your phone as a webcam.

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