zondag 17 februari 2019

GUI for R ggplot

In data journalism training I often use Tableau to make visualizations. Fast and easy. However sometimes we do analysis of data not in Excel but using Rstats. Plotting data with ggplot is not so easy, because of the variables you have to define.

Now there is a new package 'esquisse' (sketch) , based on Shiny, that works as a GUI for ggplot2. Install the package and start the GUI for ggplot from the addin menu or from the console: esquisse::esquisser  Don't tag the package. Select a data file. In the example below I use GDP and life expectancy for Sub Sahara African countries. At the bottom line you can do fine tuning for labels, colors and theme, select data and export the plot.
See for example my static blog using R blogdown:

Here is is the github page of the French company dreamRs:https://github.com/dreamRs/esquisse 

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