maandag 17 september 2018

Google Data: Traveling back in Time

Discussing how to control the Internet and the big data companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook is import. However finding out what these companies know about you is an other question. This is about YOUR data and thus on a personal level. I found out that it is pretty scary how much Google for examples knows about the details of my whereabouts.
First I downloaded my Google data using Take Out: Unzipped the file was 363 GB. To show the amount of detail and to produce an interesting visualization I took out the location history file, 273 MB. The file is in JSON. There is in interesting site that visualize your location history in a heat map - , and by zooming in you get much details.
Here is the result of an investigation of the NYTimes about apps using location info: 
Last year I worked for a month at Cape Town, the three pictures below zoom in step by step, and in the end I can find the restaurant at Bree Straat where I had lunch last year. This time traveling.
NOW it is time to scrutinize all my data at Google and Facebook!

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