woensdag 8 juli 2020

WD My Book Live - error:31520

I use a WD My Book Live(MBL) as a NAS more specific as music server. It streams my music to my phone over my LAN and when I am abroad I can listen to the music over the internet using the My Cloud app.

Generally the control light on the MBL is blue, power save mode. A few weeks ago it turned green, meaning a connection; it turned out I could not connect over the internet, but on the LAN it was still working.
Logging into the setup: http://mybooklive/UI/login, settings, remote access I read: cannot establish remote access (error 31520).
 Interesting message....and of course the web has the answer: https://community.wd.com/t/cannot-establish-remote-connection-error-31520/248385/38
To connect from outside the connection is a VPN using a certificate. WD has replaced that certificate, without notification! Solution: o replace the old certificate with the new one.

This will do the trick:

  • enable SSH: http://mybooklive/UI/ssh
  • ssh user@mybooklive
  • go to /usr/local/orion/openvpnclient
  • rename ca.crt to ca.crt.old
  • copy the attached ca.crt.txt and rename to ca.crt
  • chmod 774 ca.crt
  • Set your Remote Access as Automatic on your MyBookLive daskboard and Reboot the My Book Live from the dashboard.
  • You can verify proper operation of the cert by checking the log file using this command cat /var/log/openvpn.out
Working! Problem solved.

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