dinsdag 23 juli 2019

Future of Journalism: AI GIVES INSPIRATION

Dutch newspaper NRC-Handelsblad wrote an interesting story about new tools for journalists based on AI artificial Intelligence-https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2019/07/23/alstublieft-hier-uw-invalshoek-a3967882.
This article highlights a tool called Inject -https://injectproject.eu/, which can be installed as extension in Chrome browser, but Google docs as an other option. Inject is a kind of specialized search engine, which the author gives the opportunity to check news angles, quotes, causal relationships and graphs. "New tool INJECT aims to help journalists find inspiration for stories and be more productive"  writes UK journalism blog - https://www.journalism.co.uk/news/new-tool-inject-aims-to-help-journalists-find-inspiration-for-stories-and-be-more-productive/s2/a703665/ .
Although it is a demo version, but when keying 'data journalism' the result where a bit disappointing to say the least. Let's see how Inject improves over the coming months

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