dinsdag 24 juli 2018

Text Mining Made Easy

When I am doing a text analysis I generally use R. Are has various libraries for text analysis and there are also howto's. Here is one for basic text mining in R by Philip Murphy: https://rstudio-pubs-static.s3.amazonaws.com/265713_cbef910aee7642dc8b62996e38d2825d.html. When you the basic or R and R studio, this works like a cooking recipe. However for a training for data journalists this a bit over the top. Because first you to talk some theory about text mining, next introduce R and R studio, and then take them step by step through an example. This learning curve is a bit steep.
Found some light at the end of the Google tunnel: voyant tools. https://voyant-tools.org/ . Voyant tools is easy and simple to handle, it is web based, it is free, and has lots of possibilities for analysis. Ranging from simple word frequencies and word clouds, but also correlation between words, links between words in a network. On top pf this all your visualizations like a word cloud can separately  be download as .png or .svg. Or data like word frequencies can be download as .csv. And finally there is a link to the page with whole analysis. Upload your data and start mining. 

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