maandag 26 september 2016

Does Ubuntu shines through the Windows

I tried all possibilities to get Linux/Ubuntu running on a Windows machine. Running in a virtual machine: too slow; using Cygwin, well, not really Ubuntu, still in Windows. Dual booting, yes interesting possibility but you have to reboot if you want to switch.

Since the latest update on Windows10 there is a new solution. Windows creates the possibility to install a Linux layer.  That is: you have a terminal running bash. Here is the howto: .
Ah you want of course the GUI: Unity for example of Ubuntu. Well you can try, and for me it works. Here is the recipe:
It is not perfect, and sometimes the system crashes. But you can have Ubuntu running together with Windows 10. Now that Microsoft has installed workspaces as well. I run windows in the first and Ubuntu in the second. Finally, the Linux sun shines through the windows.

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