donderdag 21 augustus 2014


I bought myself a new gadget, the Samsung Gear Fit. I still had an analogue watch and was looking for something new. There are lot of wrist computer for sales. While browsing I fell in love with the Samsung Gear. Slick design with a curved display.
It not only a watch, but with a Bluetooth connection with my Samsung Galaxy S5 it also notifies me, when selected, of incoming mail, appointments, SMS, tweets or Facebook updates. On top of this the device gathers data of my physical activities, such as running, biking and the heartbeat of course. Nice gadget for 150€.  Published on Memeburn

Samsung S5 

Start the device by pushing the button on the side and pair it with Samsung Mobile phone (other devices than Samsung are not working; one has to create a Samsung log in on Samsung services). The device will update and the Gear Fit app will install on the phone. With the manager the wrist computer can be fine tuned. For the opening screen a new background, clock and layout can be chosen. With messages, different messaging services can be tagged. A slight vibration notifies that there messages, which can be shown on the Gear Fit.


With S Health data about different physical activities can be recorded like running, biking and counting steps etc. Based on a profile, specifying age, gender, weight and length it calculates the number calories used. It records the distance and the path on a map using the GPS. This works fine only in combination with a Bluetooth connection to the phone.
I tried it without the phone at the gym but could not get it working. Also the recording the heartbeat seemed difficult and incorrect. Next time I take my phone with me, extra possibility is at you can at music to your training and set training targets.
So far only the step counter worked well, and making 10000 steps per day is a lot when working from home.


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