donderdag 21 februari 2013

Some tech things

Browsing on the Internet is serendipity. You don't find what you are looking for but something different and interesting shows up. Here are a few:


Of course I want to run Linux on my Samsung. But can also do it the other way: running Android 4.1 in a Virtual Box in Linux. Here is the recipe: . I used the android file for tablet with Google apps. Simple, just import the file as appliance in Virtual Box. Of course we run Android as root as you can see from the snapshot

If you don't like the Virtual Box and want to run Android directly on your machine. No problem, just download the Jelly Bean .iso and install on an USB drive and boor from the drive. Here is an other recipe: You want to try an other Android .iso. Here is the download page: .


In the nineties cyberspace was a nice playground with much freedom and less control; 'no one know you are a dog'. Things have changed, and big brother is watching everywhere. Journalists in certain countries need anonymous browsing to do their work. TOR browser is the solution as you can see in the snapshot. You can download it for free from the Tor website: . You find also details about how it works; and if you like you can set up your machine to become a node in the TOR network. One side effect is that you can visit Pirate Bay, which is generally blocked by providers.


Once you have Android running on your PC you want to try WhatsApp of course. Installing under Android in a Virtual Box fails: not compatible. I have tried it under Windows using BlueStacks. Download Bluestacks and install; run it and get WhatsApp from the Google store. Here is the recipe: . Working....but now WhatsApp is not working on my cellphone anymore. Had to be verified again; so WhatsApp is not working on two devices. Nice thing is that you run all your favourite Android games on your PC.
Secondly, Bluestacks runs on Windows only. Under Linux Ubuntu I used Wine to run BlueStacks; it crashes. From the forum at BlueStacks my impressions is that they are not planning a BlueStacks version for Linux or Wine.

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