donderdag 19 juli 2012


Remote mouse
When I am giving a training I use my laptop for demo's or presentations. It often happens however that I am not sitting behind my machine, but walking through the classroom. For the next slide or other input on my laptop, I have to walk back. There are software solutions for this, but droidmote server and client steals the show. With the server running on the laptop and the client on an android phone, you have full controll using a remote mouse, keyboard, gamepad multi touch touchpad, over a wireless network. And with GamepadTouch2 enabled you even control touch screen devices.
Published at Gearburn:

Set up
Download the client from Google playstore. The server software is free available for Windows, Linux and can be downloaded at. For android the server software costs 1.99 Euro at Google market.
On my laptop runningUbuntu 12.04, set permission of the droidserver to 777, copy the file the /usr/bin. Start the server as superuser with ./droidmote 2302 <password>; 2302 is the standard port. Starting will show the IP number of the server. Next start the client on the android phone and connect to the port with the password. That is all, and works out of the box.

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